CAGED System Cheat Sheet – C Major


Free cheat sheet for the C major CAGED system. In it you will get each chord shape, along with the diatonic, and pentatonic shape that is associated with each shape. As well as an overview page with all of them on, and the kitchen sink. This will help you learn your fretboard, and classical guitar pieces.

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CAGED System for guitar explained quickly: we will step through the chord, pentatonic, and diatonic scales you need for the C shape, all in C major. So if you want a refresher, check out this CAGED short for classical guitar below.

Brouwer uses the CAGED system in his infamous introduction to Danza del Altiplano. Check out the video below to learn it, and see if you can spot the shapes and keys he uses. Spoiler alert: I do tell you.


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