El Colibri by Julio Sagreras

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El Colibri (Julio Sagreras) score is guaranteed to get you playing this piece, with insights into left hand hacks, and micro studies to make it faster. It is all designed to make it easier to pick up and play this advanced piece of music. Grab some 6 string inspiration today.

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El Colibri by Julio Sagreras is a fast moving classical guitar piece which is not only fun to perform, but will also challenge your technique. This score has within it

  • Right & left hand fingering suggestions.
  • TAB, so you’re never lost on the fretboard.
  • Speed & practice suggestions.

The score has been carefully annotated and typeset to make learning, and reading as clear as possible. The staves have been spread for accessibility and for clarity. And finally with TAB, and RH (& LH) fingering suggestions, so you will not get lost in the score.It is fully supported by this video which will walk you through the score, and the piece.



Here is Rhayn’s take on this piece, and why this guide will help you.

El Colibri is my my warm up piece. I use it to get my scale i m, and a m i right hand finger combinations going. It also helps maintain, and challenge my baseline speed. It is an all round piece that requires technique, but also maintains and builds it, like Dyens Tango en Skai.

Note: you will need to have some technique already to play this – intermediate to advanced.

1 review for El Colibri by Julio Sagreras

  1. robert nakagama (verified owner)

    pdf was not available at first. l had to contact the company again to get it working. this was not convenient.

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