Las Abejas (The Bees) by Agustin Barrios Score


Grab your copy of the score for  Las Abejas by Agustin Barrios. In this edition you will find, his original fingerings, alternative ending and modern editorial suggestions. Pick your copy, with TAB or without, and learn this fast moving arpeggio guitar music that will impress your friends, and improve your technique.

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The bees (Las Abejas in English) was composed when Barrios was supposedly locked into his room by a close friend and patron – Martin Borda y Pagola. It was composed in 1924. The story goes this piece was to prove that Barrios was being industrious, working like a bee, writing down his pieces. Why? Well he is notorious for not writing his ideas down, and improvising a lot of them as well. Las Abejas is no exception. It has some alternative passages to it.

In the Las Abejas score you get:

  • Modern score with, or without TAB (you choose)
  • Barrios’ original fingering
  • The alternative ending

Las Abejas is notorious for its fast moving arpeggios, and left hand stretches. In order to keep pace with and manage those chord shapes it is imperative that your practice session is effective – with clear goals. Now to be honest, this piece can be challenging, but that is a good thing.


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