Prelude 1 (Villa-Lobos) Study Guide


Prelude 1 (Villa-Lobos) Study Guide is guaranteed to get you playing this piece, nail that cello melody, and insight into the 2nd section melody. It is part of a series of guides on Villa-Lobos, that encompass all 12 etudes, and the rest of the 5 preludes. So why not grab some 6 string inspiration today.

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Prelude No. 1, by Villa-Lobos, is an in depth study guide that will help you get this beautiful piece under your fingers. Within its pages you will find:

  • How to play the cello melody.
  • Chord Shapes, and RH control.
  • How to play the arpeggios, and harmonics.
  • Nail that E major section.

Each lesson in this guide has been designed around the concept of micro studies – short essential etudes which assist and accelerate your learning process. Each micro study has been organized around the piece’s structure; so you will walk through the music with the micro studies. They will focus on whatever is technically relevant to that section, be it a barre chord, guide fingers or shifts. They have been carefully chosen to aid you in getting the piece up and into the performance realm as soon as possible.

And finally all the examples are in TAB, with LH fingering suggestions, so you will not get lost in the score. Here is Rhayn’s take on this piece, and why he wrote this book.

Prelude 1 is the first Villa-Lobos prelude most guitarists learn, myself included. It is also the
most played prelude of the 5. Which is a testament to Villa-Lobos’ fantastic melody. This prelude is a great introduction to Villa-Lobos’ language as we have all the musical markers for it here: open strings against high notes, diminished chords, Shifting chords and bi-tonality, and of course Brazilian polyrhythms and folk music. It is well worth the effort to learn.

Note: you will need the full score, as this is a study guide with exercises.


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